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88-year-old granny shuts down her son’s casual homophobia with two sentences

A story about an 88-year-old woman shutting down anti-LGBT sentiment has gone viral on Twitter.

Twitter user Minovsky wrote that their father “ranted about how LGBTIA+ identities were getting too confusing to keep up with.”

The father’s mother, though, wasn’t having any of it. “The way things are now is better than when people had to hide away or killed themselves because nobody understood who they were. Respect costs you nothing.”

The tweet has been liked over 160,000 times.

Minovsky explained that their grandmother has trans and bi people in her life, so respecting others isn’t new to her.

Of course, those relatives are also the dad’s relatives, so LGBT relatives don’t always make people more accepting.

Hopefully, 88-year-old grandmothers do.

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