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‘Execute the gays’ minister is hosting a Bible conference in DC

Radical anti-LGBT preacher Kevin Swanson is bringing his brand of bigotry to Washington, DC, with his Bible conference this summer.

Swanson’s Bible Family Conference will take place August 10 – 11, in Washington, DC. Rep. Mike Johnson (R, La.) was initially listed as a keynote speaker, but his name no longer appears on the conference website.

Swanson’s gone on the record numerous times to suggest that all gays should be summarily executed.

The rest of his “greatest hits” are equally shocking.

Swanson dedicated a broadcast of his radio program to calling for the execution of Girl Scout leaders for supporting LGBT rights and women’s rights. Swanson also warned that the Boy Scouts would soon have a “sodomy merit badge” after deciding to allow openly gay scouts to join. Swanson condemned Highlights magazine as no better than ISIS for including a story about two gay dads to “encourage the support for the sin of homosexuality among kids.” Swanson said on his radio program that the Supreme Court needed to overturn marriage equality to avoid Hurricane Irma. Swanson blamed LGBT people for California’s wildfires, because of the 2011 FAIR Education Act, which added LGBT people and disabled people to the list of minorities whose contributions to the state should be mentioned in textbooks. Swanson described it as a “bill that encouraged homosexual indoctrination in California public schools for six-, seven-, eight-, nine- and 10-year-olds.” Swanson declared on his “Generations Radio” program that Hillary Clinton would lead “tremendous majorities of American kids” down “the track towards homosexuality.” He told his listeners that the LGBT community is “the catalyst by which nations are destroyed.” Swanson also warned his listeners that the goal of public schools is “for your children is that your kids be transgendered and communist by 20 years of age.” On a broadcast of his radio program, Swanson said that God created HIV/AIDS to punish gays and that the disease is a sign of “God’s kindness,” because it gives them a chance to repent and avoid hell.

That’s just a sample of the insanity, and Swanson is bringing to Washington this summer. For the moment, at least, it doesn’t look like any members of Congress are willing to take the stage at Swanson’s conference.

But someone should see if Mike Pence is busy. After all, Trump says he “wants to hang” gay people.

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