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These adorable photos of queer couples at prom will make haters’ heads explode

A few weeks ago, he went after tech giant Google for not being Easter-religious enough.

But, this week, it’s back to attacking the ever-reliable gays for Tony Perkins, president of the hate-group Family Research Council. Tis the season, of course, to go after school proms and (gasp!) the LGBT couples who attended.

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How dare the pro-LGBT agenda ignore biology, require gender-inclusive language and — you got it — allow same-sex couples at prom?

“The religious liberty of Christians is increasingly in the crosshairs of the emboldened Left,” he wrote in a letter to supporters of the council, designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. “Faith, family, and freedom have been undermined at every level of our government and culture.”

It’s a battle to regain and retain our heaven-given rights, he said. Our nation is at stake, he wailed.

So send me money. Lots of it. How about a cool $5 million by June 30, he suggested, with open hands.

It’s up to you to donate, of course. But we’d rather pay it forward and celebrate prom season with some LGBT cuteness. Here are some Twitter highlights from last weekend’s prom circuit —

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