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Hawaii poised to ban ‘ex-gay’ conversion therapy

Gay conversion therapy may soon be outlawed in the Aloha State.

Hawaii’s governor is expected to sign legislation that would ban gay conversion therapy for minors. Hawaii would join 10 states, plus DC, with such legislation.

Hawaii’s passage follows Maryland, which approved legislation April 5, 2018. Its governor, Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, reportedly supports the measure. California and New Hampshire also have bans moving forward.

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The chair of the Hawaii’s LGBT Democratic caucus praised the bill.

“This has been a priority for the caucus for years,” Michael Golojuch said to Hawaii News Now. “It ensures that LGBT youth will not be tortured by mental-health professionals.”

The all-star lineup of states banning the medically condemned practice includes New Jersey, California, Oregon, Illinois, Vermont, New Mexico, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Nevada and Washington state, as well as the District of Columbia.

At least 36 U.S. cities also ban the practice. Among them are Cincinnati, Seattle, Tampa and New York City.


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