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This 2nd grade class did an LGBT lesson that broke Twitter

Feminist writer Jessica Valenti shared a lesson that her second-grade daughter got at school.

Valenti posted a picture of a chart that explains basic LGBT vocabulary, like “gay,” “bisexual,” “transgender,” and “cisgender.”

“To the folks who find LGBT language ‘confusing’: If my daughter’s second grade class gets it, so can you,” Valenti wrote.

Sure, some of those words are referring to ideas that are somewhat more complicated than the definitions given, but the chart is accurate enough.

Of course, lots of people on Twitter didn’t like the idea of kids learning vocabulary for sexual orientation and gender identity.

Some people tried to explain that kids are already being inundated with heterosexuality, so what’s the problem with learning a few words to describe people who are already around them, or maybe themselves?

And some people just made fun of the haters.

That said, there were a lot of people who didn’t like Valenti’s original tweet, and it looks like a lot of them are straight people who consider themselves LGBT-friendly.

Kids that age already have a sense of their gender identity. Some kids are gender non-conforming and are already learning at home, in the media, and at school that there’s something wrong with who they are. Some of them might even know that they’re different from the other kids or that they’re attracted to people of the same sex.

And a lot of them already have LGBT relatives, friends, and neighbors in their lives.

When a five-year-old boy kisses a girl, it’s puppy love. When heterosexual parents tell their kids how they met, it’s a touching connection between generations. When a child sees a movie where a prince woos a princess, it’s age-appropriate.

Make any of those things queer, and suddenly we’re talking about child abuse and pornography. There’s just something about queerness that makes straight people’s heads explode.

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