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Indiana pizzeria that said they wouldn’t cater gay weddings abruptly shuts down

A pizza shop in Indiana that got national attention for refusing to cater same-sex weddings has closed for good.

In 2015, when the state was debating a bill that would have created a religious exemption in state law, Crystal O’Connor of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, went on the local news to say that the pizza place wouldn’t cater any weddings between two people of the same sex.

“Why should I be beat over the head because they choose that lifestyle?” her father Kevin told WBND-TV.

No one had ever asked them to cater their wedding. Christian conservatives who say they won’t serve same-sex weddings are really expressing their antipathy to LGBT people in general, but they have noticed that limiting their bans to weddings is more socially acceptable.

Now Memories Pizza is just that: a memory. A sign on the door says that the pizzeria has been closed for a month.

The owners haven’t commented on their business closing. Several local business owners told the South Bend Tribune that the O’Connors were just ready to retire.

In the 2015 controversy, Memories Pizza got negative comments on Yelp as a result of their stance against catering same-sex weddings.

The pizza place closed temporarily due to the media attention and conservatives set up a GoFundMe page for the O’Connors that raised $842,000.

In October, 2015, Robin Trevino of Chicago drove out to Memories Pizza and picked up two large pizzas for his wedding.

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