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Melania Trump looked happy for a moment & Trump is probably pissed

The internet exploded during former First Lady Barbara Bush’s funeral when Trump did something completely unexpected. No, not Donald. This time the one who set tongues wagging is First Lady Melania Trump.

Traditionally, first ladies attend the funeral of one of their own. Mrs. Trump, in a gesture of kindness not normally seen in this White House, invited staffers who were close to Mrs. Bush to attend the funeral with her.

President Trump did not attend the funeral; the administration said in a statement that he would not go “out of respect for the Bush Family and friends attending the service.” The Bush family, and Mrs. Bush in particular, have been particularly critical of Trump’s presidency and character.

The president spent the day golfing and tweeting about his former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

A normally placid and expressionless former model, Melania Trump is frequently accused of hating her symbolic role, while her husband relishes the nonstop attention. It’s also commonly accepted that she’s not very fond of Donald either.

But at Saturday’s service, the First Lady was all smiles and seemed to genuinely enjoy being the company of the man seated next to her on the pew… her husband’s obsession and worst enemy, former President Barack Obama.

Naturally, the internet went nuts with memes and jokes. Here are the best of them.

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