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Cory Booker annihilates Mike Pompeo during confirmation hearing: ‘Is being gay a perversion?’

Senator Cory Booker demanded answers from Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo about his past views on LGBT rights during confirmation hearings today. President Trump has nominated Pompeo, currently the director of the CIA, to be the new Secretary of State.

In particular, Booker grilled Pompeo on whether Pompeo has referred to gay sex as a “perversion” in past speeches.

“Is being gay a perversion?” Booker asked.

Pompeo answered that he still believes that same-sex couples should not be allowed to marry.

Not satisfied, Booker pressed his point. “Do you believe that gay sex is a perversion? Yes or no?”

Pompeo gave the same qualified answer he’d given previously. “I’m going to give you the same answer I gave you previously. My respect for every individual…is the same.”

See the video below.

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