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You can now buy a ‘straight pride flag’ pin on Amazon

Amazon is now selling a “straight pride flag” pin.

The company 1000 Flags UK is selling a gold-plated pin for 4.50 pounds on Amazon.

1000 Flags UK sells hundreds of flags and products with flags on them, like a rainbow flag makeup brush and “mini prayer flags” from Nepal.

It’s the straight pride flag, though, that got Amazon called out on Twitter.

Others have made fun of the design. This Dutch magazine said it looked like an “eye shadow palette.”

Someone else compared it to salmon.

Or bacon.

Maybe it has something to do with pilots?

The reason it’s hard to recognize Amazon’s “straight pride” flag is that, well, straight people don’t need pride, and most straight people recognize that.

Which is probably why 1000 Flags UK didn’t go with the more common grayscale straight pride flag – whoever designed the pin probably didn’t know that it was already a thing.

The point of “straight pride” is to make fun of LGBT people. There are already lots of venues for straight people to make their sexual orientation known and it’s not a surprise that the people who say they want straight pride tend to also say anti-LGBT things.

The pin only has four reviews so far on Amazon – three negative and one positive. From the way they’re written, it’s unlikely any of them actually bought a pin.

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