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Is anti-trans discrimination a DeVos family value?

A transgender woman is suing a company connected with Betsy DeVos’ husband for discrimination. Apparently, anti-trans discrimination runs in the DeVos family.

Candace Morton has worked for Spectrum Health for 14 years. For seven of those years, after being diagnosed with gender dysphoria, she’s been transitioning from male to female including hormone treatment and surgery.

Morton racked up over $41,000 in medical bills between 2011 and 2015. In 2017, the medical treatment was finally covered under the Affordable Care Act.

In January of this year Morton’s Priority Health Plan, a company owned by Spectrum, informed her that it would no longer cover gender confirmation surgery. The company cited a Texas court ruling allowing an insurer to deny coverage.

One little known fact in this case, is that Spectrum’s chair is none other than Dick DeVos, husband of education secretary Betsy DeVos.

During her brief tenure, DeVos has made headlines for rescinding Obama era protections for transgender students and announcing that the Department of Education would no longer investigate discrimination complaints from transgender students.

Now, DeVos’ husband’s company is denying health coverage to a trans woman.

So, is anti-trans discrimination a DeVos family value? Well, as the saying goes, the family that hates together discriminates together.

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