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Two pro wrestlers just made LGBT history at Wrestlemania 34

Irish WWE star Finn Balor made a memorable entrance in his first Wrestlemania on Sunday, and Sonya Deville became the very first lesbian to participate in Wrestlemania in a rainbow costume.

Finn Balor entered the ring at Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans flanked by local LGBT people wearing T-shirts with a rainbow design.

Balor is selling the T-shirts with the tagline “Bálor Club for Everyone” and is giving a portion of the proceeds to GLAAD.

“Everyone deserves to be accepted and included,” he wrote on Instagram.

Fans loved the entrance.

LGBT fans had another reason to cheer: Sonya Deville, 24, became the first lesbian to participate in Wrestlemania.

She said on Instagram that she was wearing a rainbow costume as a message to LGBT people: “I’m representing y’all.”

Did fans love Sonya? Of course they did.

Sonya has been out for years, and she told ABC 6 Action News that she hopes she can inspire others to come out.

“If I can help people in this process and be a voice to people who might be intimidated of coming out themselves or are scared to or think that it’s wrong and they see me doing it in front of pretty big people in the WWE world, hopefully it will give them the courage to do it,” she said.

Pro wrestling just got a whole lot gayer.

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