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John Barrowman is threatening to launch a Target boycott for a really good reason

Out actor John Barrowman is none too pleased with Target and urged his fans to consider boycotting the store in a post on Instagram.

Barrowman says in the video that he was shopping at the Target in West Hollywood and attempted to buy a gift certificate, a shirt and a jacket for a homeless man. Store staff “lectured” the actor, telling him he wasn’t allowed to buy the items for the man in need.

“Target, that’s a stupid rule,” Barrowman says. “How dare you tell me as a customer who I am allowed to buy for and what I’m allowed to buy.”

“That was a homeless gentleman who needed some help and you need to change your policies if this is what you think of being a good community leader. Because I’ll stop shopping here and I’ll post for everyone else to stop shopping here. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Can’t say that we blame him.

So far Target has responded to the actor, but as this post goes viral, it probably won’t take long before they do. We’ll update when they give their corporate apology and blame it on a low-level staff member.

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