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Not guilty: Jury reaches a verdict in the trial of the Pulse shooter’s widow

Noor Salman, the widow of Omar Mateen, has been found not guilty, CNN reports.

Salman was charged with obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting Mateen in providing of material support to a foreign terror organization. If she had been convicted, she could have been sentenced to life in prison.

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In 2016, Mateen entered an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and killed 49 people in what was then the most deadly mass shooting in history. He was killed by police.

After an 11-hour interrogation by the FBI, Mateen’s widow confessed to knowing about Mateen’s plans and helping him scout out the Pulse. She was arrested in January, 2017, and has spent the last 14 months in prison.

But the trial didn’t proceed as the prosecution hoped. The FBI presented evidence that Salman’s confession was false – GPS and cell phone data showed that she had never been to the Pulse and that Mateen didn’t know about it before he left to go attack another nightclub.

Closing arguments were presented on Wednesday, and the prosecution presented another theory of the crime, claiming that Salman helped Mateen by serving “as a green light for her husband.”

The jury deliberated for two days and returned a “not guilty” verdict this morning.

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