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Would you watch Ellen & Adam Rippon’s reality show?

Page Six is reporting that Ellen and Adam Rippon are hammering out the details for a television project.

The anonymous source said, “[Rippon]’ll be producing a reality show with Ellen. The details are ‘TBD,’ but they are partnering.”

A different source said that Rippon will be making more regular appearances on The Ellen Degeneres Show. “He’s definitely coming back… They don’t know how many episodes or in what capacity, but it’ll be more than one show. It hasn’t been totally ironed out, but it’ll be a semi-regular appearance.”

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Rippon appeared on Ellen’s show a few weeks ago, and they each expressed their respect for one another.

Referring to when she saw Rippon at the Olympics, Ellen said, “Immediately I was like, ‘I hope we have him on the show’ because I just think you have the greatest personality.”

“I’ve been wanting to meet you since I was born 28 years ago,” he said. Turning to the audience, he said, “Everybody look, it’s Ellen!”

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