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John Oliver trolls Mike Pence with a book about a gay bunny

On Last Week Tonight last night, host John Oliver devoted a long segment to dissecting Mike Pence’s record on LGBT issues. And he ended the segment by announcing a new children’s book about gay bunnies.

Oliver discussed Pence’s long history of promoting discrimination against LGBT people, mentioning Pence’s support for conversion therapy, his opposition to LGBT people in the military, and his bill to create a religious exemption to the law as Indiana‘s governor.

The segment also highlighted Pence’s support for the SPLC designated hate group Focus on the Family, whose website has numerous anti-LGBT articles including “When a Loved One Says, ‘I’m Gay’: The Stages of Grief.”

Last June, Pence said that the White House would be an “unwavering ally” to Focus on the Family and called Dobson a “friend and mentor.”

So Oliver published a children’s book about Pence’s gay bunny.

Pence’s wife and daughter wrote a children’s book – Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President – about their family’s pet rabbit, Marlon Bundo. They will be touring the country and, of course, visiting Focus on the Family’s headquarters to promote the book.

Oliver’s book – A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo – is about Marlon’s love for another boy bunny, Wesley. But after they fall in love, a stink bug who looks a lot like Pence tells them “Boy bunnies don’t marry boy bunnies.”

The audiobook has an all-star cast, including Jim Parsons, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, John Lithgow, and RuPaul. Proceeds from the book will go to the Trevor Project and AIDS United.

Oliver said to buy it to “annoy” Pence. “You’d be doing a nice thing in a really dickish way,” he said.

Pence has not reacted to the publication of a competing Marlo Bundo book.

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