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An LGBT political caucus is facing criticism over cozy relationship with anti-trans group

An LGBT political caucus is under fire for its alleged cozy relationship with an anti-LGBT religious group.

The TransAdvocate reports members of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus “encouraged candidates in the current election to support and seek the endorsement of the anti-transgender group, the Baptist Ministers of Houston Area and Vicinity.”

The TransAdvocate notes, “ran false anti-transgender advertising during the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) fight, falsified petitions to force HERO onto the ballot, and have continued anti-transgender activities into 2017.”

The city passed an ordinance extending protections against discrimination to the LGBT community in 2014, prompting a referendum the following year, which failed to pass.

“It has been shown and demonstrated that the people of the city do not want this ordinance,” Rev. Max Miller, of the Baptist group, said at the time. “We simply say: Allow the people to vote on this ordinance.”

The publication reports (Note: HBVHAV stands for Baptist Ministers of Houston Area and Vicinity):

In response to questions from candidates based on rumors they were hearing, Caucus President Mike Webb sent a message to screening chairs in late January of 2018. In the message, Webb confirmed that while the Caucus considered HBVHAV to be an anti-LGBT organization but, Webb left it an open question as to whether candidates should accept their endorsement.  At about the same time, Caucus Board member and Election Committee chair, John Humphries, was contacting candidates, facilitating their meeting with HBVHAV, and requesting that the candidate support and seek the endorsement of HBVHAV.

Humphries was reportedly acting on instruction from Webb.

Jason Westin, a candidate for the Texas Congressional District 07, has claimed the caucus asked him to accept an endorsement from HBVHAV, after declining the endorsement following a conversation with a transgender caucus member opposed to the group due to their history.

Westin has also said that a meeting was set up for him by the caucus to meet with HBVHAV.

Another, unnamed, candidate reports a similar experience, and yet another reports seeing Humphries at a HBVHAV meeting, wearing his Houston GLBT Political Caucus shirt, leading the candidate to believe the two groups had a working relationship.

Transgender caucus members are encouraging the community to let the board know how they feel about the apparent cozy relationship between the two groups.

LGBT Nation has contacted the Houston GLBT Political Caucus for comment and will update this story if we hear back.

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