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Students across the country are walking out of school to protest gun violence

Students are walking out of class across the country to protest gun violence and the government’s failure to pass meaningful gun control legislation.

The National Walkout Day was organized following the school shooting a month ago today in Parkland, Florida, claiming the lives of 17 and injuring many more. Students from Parkland have already shown themselves to be eloquent and fierce voices in the debate to end mass shootings, but this mass action now sends a clear message that they intend to do more than just deliver speeches.

The demonstrations are intended to put increased pressure on Congress, and the White House, to finally take real action on this country’s gun problem.

This protest will be followed up on March 24 with the March For Our Lives rally, taking place in Washington, D.C. and in cities nationwide.

Here is some live footage, and reactions, from the demonstrations, taking place throughout the day. Share your experiences in the comments below.

In Parkland:

In Washington, D.C.:

In New York City:

In Chicago:

In Baltimore:

In Philadelphia:

In Nashville:

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