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‘Drag Race’ judge Lucian Piane Twitter meltdown targets Obama, Clinton, Ellen

Music producer and sometimes “RuPaul’s Drag Race” judge Lucian Piane has made his distaste for Hillary Clinton clear on Twitter in the past, saying he trusted Donald Trump more than her and saying she would never earn his vote.

Piane caught some flack for those remarks, but they are nothing compared to what he unloaded on Thursday during a flurry of conspiracy theory tweets going after the Clintons and Obamas, calling them out as murderers and, in the case of the Clintons, pedophiles as well.

He said he will write-in Bernie Sanders on his ballot, who has encouraged voters to back Clinton.

Piane also went after a number of celebrities, like Portia de Rossi, whom he accuses of cheating on Ellen DeGeneres, whom he says treats her staff poorly, Anderson Cooper, whom he claims to have made out with while Cooper was in a relationship, and supposedly friendless Madonna. He even threw shade at RuPaul himself, questioning if he was getting enough money for the work they’ve done together.

Some of his tweets on the Clintons and Obamas follow:

His attacks on celebrities got ugly and personal:


He also made some more vague conspiratorial posts:

And a strange Periscope, with his mom in the back:

Zack Ford of Think Progress live tweeted the Periscope:

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