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Dustin Lance Black claps back at Twitter troll attacking his family

Dustin Lance Black is firing back at Twitter trolls criticizing his decision to have a child with his husband, Olympic swimmer Tom Daley. The two have been subjected to non-stop attacks online by trolls and the religious right.

Richard Littlejohn wrote a column in the Daily Mail, a British tabloid, entitled “Please don’t pretend two dads is the new normal.”

Many took issue with the fathers-to-be’s decision to have a child with a surrogate mother instead of adopting. Anti-transgender activist Julie Bindel, for example, repeated a common criticism.

While Black had responded back to the online hate with a simple message to the trolls spouting abuse about his family, he held back until now when he responded to Twitter user “LadyJoanne” with a teachable moment.

Asking the user if she was adopted, he points out that “heterosexual parents could have adopted far easier than LGBT parents can today. So why didn’t they adopt instead of having you? Hurtful question isn’t it?”

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