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Gay gold medal Olympian Eric Radford announces retirement from skating

Eric Radford became the first openly gay man to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics on Sunday, with partner Meagan Duhamel in the team figure skating event. After winning another medal with Duhamel, this time a bronze in free skating, the pair announced their retirement.

“They will skate straight into retirement and pro tours, eschewing the world championships and all the practice that event would entail,” reports the National Post.

Not only did Radford make Olympic history, the pair did as well with the first successful quad throw.

“We saved the best for last,” Radford said.

“We don’t ever have to do a quad throw again,” Duhamel said. “We landed the last quad we tried. That makes me happy.”

In addition to their two Olympic medals, the pair have two world championship golds, a Grand Prix final title, and seven national championships.

Radford shared a photo of himself and Duhamel together on the ice, holding a Canadian flag, with a caption thanking the fans for their support, and including #outathlete and a pride flag emoji.

Radford shared on Twitter “it feels good to know that maybe, I’ve already made a difference.”

Radford reflected on the impact he is having in an interview with Toronto Metro.

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