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A restrained man was found in Toronto serial killer’s apartment when he was arrested

Toronto landscaper and alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur has been charged with the murder of five gay men, but another gentleman is lucky to have escaped with his life. When police arrested McArthur at his residence, they found another man naked and restrained inside the apartment.

Police were already suspicious of McArthur and had him under surveillance, when they saw the man enter the apartment. Authorities say he was there for a sexual encounter. His name was not released.

At least three other men have been interviewed by the police who say they dated McArthur but stopped seeing him after becoming uncomfortable with his sexual demands.

The 66 year-old landscaper was arrested in Toronto on January 18 on suspicion of killing Andrew Kinsman, 49, and Selim Esen, 44. Both men went missing from the city’s Gay Village.

On Monday, McArthur was charged in the deaths of Majeed Kayhan, Soroush Marmudi, and Dean Lisowick. The dismembered remains of three men were found hidden inside planters.

Over 30 properties where McArthur lived or worked are currently being combed for evidence. A dozen other planters have been seized as evidence.

The Toronto Police Department has faced criticism for initially trying to quell fears that a serial killer was targeting the community. Some questioned if the response was quick enough. Even when McArthur was arrested, police refused to say he was a serial killer. They did not describe him as such until he was charged with the other three murders.

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