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Missouri Republican claims gays aren’t human beings during debate on civil rights law

Missouri state representative Rick Brattin doesn’t think gay people are human beings. In a shocking statement made on the House floor during debate on a bill that would protect LGBT people from discrimination, Brattin made it explicitly clear that in his mind, homosexuality and humanity are incompatible.

“When you look at the tenets of religion, of the Bible, of the Qur’an, of other religions,” he said Monday, “there is a distinction between homosexuality and just being a human being.”

Missouri does not have any protections for LGBT people. They can be denied credit, be fired from their job, evicted from an apartment, and denied service at restaurants and bars.

The attempt to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state’s civil rights laws was withdrawn.

Instead, Republican legislators passed a bill that would require anyone suing for discrimination to prove that it was the motivating factor instead of a contributing factor – a distinction that effectively guts all existing civil rights laws currently in place.

“Today, we can make a change that will help our employers,” Republican Joe Don McGaugh said. “No one in this room is for discrimination. We will still be a no-tolerance state.”

The state senate sponsor of the bill to make it easier for companies to fend off allegations of misconduct is currently being sued for discrimination.

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