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Watch Melissa Etheridge & the Gay Men’s Chorus sing at the 2018 Women’s March

Melissa Etheridge and the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles performed at the Women’s March yesterday.

Taking to the stage in LA, Etheridge greeted the crowd and pepped them up. She told the marchers to say “Yes I am,” a reference to her 1993 album of that title and a nod to her coming out as a lesbian that same year.

She said that she was happy to see more gender equality and men and women realizing that they aren’t so different. “That’s why our LGBT community scares so many people. Because that duality, that black and white, that right and wrong, all that, it’s smoothing out, it’s becoming a balance.”

Then she and the Gay Men’s Chorus performed Etheridge’s 2014 song “Uprising of Love.”

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