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Ellen smacks down Eric Trump’s ‘Deep State’ claim about her in hilarious monologue

Sister Ellen just got shady.

Ms. DeGeneres, responding to a now-infamous tweet by First Douchebag Eric Trump, slapped down Trump’s claim that Ellen took part in a massive anti-Donald Trump conspiracy known as the “Deep State.”

Actually, “Deep State” refers more generally to a shadow government manipulating world affairs for personal gain. The exact kind of hobby any comedian-lesbian-talk show host would have.

Ellen first dismissed Trump’s claim by first asking which son he is – the one who killed the elephant or the cheetah. She goes on to list all her present activities, which include Illuminati meetings and setting the gay agenda, which would prohibit her from running any kind of Deep State activities.

Ellen also suggested that Trump – who took a suggestion by Twitter to follow the comic as a sign of her Deep State connections – might actually have received the suggestion because both his sisters, Ivanka and Tiffany, follow Ellen.

Watch the whole epic takedown:

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