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Queer media went nuts for Doug Jones’ gay son giving Pence side-eye but they missed the best part

Alabama‘s newest senator, Doug Jones, was sworn into office yesterday accompanied by former Vice President Joe Biden, his racist former opponent’s “Jew lawyer,” his wife, and gay son, Carson. While the Jones’ win is historic as the first Democrat to win a senate race in the traditional Republican stronghold in 25 years, it was his son’s Instagram post that took the web by storm.

Carson’s photo shows notoriously homophobic Vice President Mike Pence administering the oath of office to his father while he gives the veep a serious case of side-eye.

The photo quickly garnered comments on Instagram like “If looks could kill…Love it!” and “Your side eye just breathed life back into me. Thank you,” Twitter and queer media lost their mind over the photo.

Headlines like “Vice President Mike Pence had to meet the gay son of Democrat Senator Doug Jones” and “Doug Jones’s Gay Son Carson Stares Down Homophobic VP Mike Pence at Senate Swearing-In,” swept across queer blogs, but it still didn’t hold a candle to the Twitter reactions – and a surprise reveal on the social media site.

Not visible in the photo is a rainbow colored boutonnière he wore as an extra poke in the eye to the Trump administration. That only makes the photo better, doesn’t it?

Check out some of the reactions below and let us know if you love the pic as much as we do.

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