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Michele Bachmann is asking God whether she should run for Al Franken’s senate seat

Former Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann is considering a run for Democrat Al Franken’s senate seat. The notoriously batty conservative says she is waiting on a sign from God telling her to get back into politics.

Franken and Bachmann couldn’t possibly be further apart in political and social ideology. While Franken has been a liberal lion in the chamber, Bachmann was best known in Congress for her ridiculous conspiracy theories, wild claims, and insistence that God was personally backing her every move.

In other words, she’d be a perfect companion for Trump.

Bachmann told Christian broadcaster and end-times food buckets salesman Jim Bakker that she has “had people contact me and urge me to run for that Senate seat.”

“I fulfilled the calling that God gave me,” Bachmann said of her unsuccessful 2012 presidential run. “So the question is, am I being called to do this now? I don’t know.”

If she’s waiting on God to call her, let’s hope he has the wrong number.

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