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Mike Pence’s neighbors put up a clever banner to protest his homophobia

Mike Pence and his wife are spending the week in Aspen, Colorado. His neighbors, though, had a message they wanted him to hear.

The daughters of the family that lives across the street, along with one of their friends, put up a sign that said “MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN” on a rainbow background.

The daughters said that they were nervous at first when they went to a stone pillar at the end of their driveway to put up the sign because of the Pitkin County deputies and Secret Service agents in front of the house the Pences are staying in.

“We’re not here to control your free speech rights,” one of the agents said. Later, the neighbors brought out chili and corn muffins for the law enforcement officers stuck in the cold.

Pence has a long history of opposition to LGBT equality, including promoting conversion therapy, opposing funding to fight HIV/AIDS, opposing marriage equality, and promoting religious exemptions to anti-discrimination laws.

He has not commented on the banner.

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