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Most effective use of bagpipes ever: gay Florida student drowns out homophobes

“You know what’s the coolest sound on campus? Bagpipes,” said nobody ever, except maybe in the United Kingdom and in Ireland. But Brice Ehmig may have singlehandedly changed the course of history with a musical counter-demonstration at Florida Gulf Coast University,

As NewNowNext reported, the out senior and political science major got ticked off when a demonstrator claiming to be Christian loudly compared being gay to bestiality, and then shouted at Ehmig and her girlfriend as they walked hand-in-hand on campus.

But instead of yelling back at the megaphone homophones, they decided to get even. Her girlfriend hit “record” on a cellphone as Ehmig strolled back and forth from one antigay protester to the next, drowning out their hate with, well, a very loud form of music. Watch below in the clip posted to Facebook:


Ehmig posted her beliefs on Facebook:

“I am open to people challenging my biblical knowledge, so let me just get this out of the way! I mean this with love and in attempt to educate. What you all fail to realize in your attempts to justify the “preacher” or any hate-mongering entity is the fundamental operative of the Law of Moses (the first five books) and Levitical law (the laws about shellfish, materials, resource allocation) was for those that believed that the messiah was not here. Therefore if you believe a messiah has been here, or that you feel no need to question the presence of a higher power, Levitcal law need no longer apply. Thanks for playing.”


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