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‘Drag Race’ judge Michelle Visage’s rendition of Silent Night will leave you gasping

Simon Cowell, eat it!

Noted former pop star and RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Michelle Visage just shocked the talent world by proving she has talent beyond snarky comments on reality shows. Visage has taken part in “Christmas Queens 3” the third album of Christmas songs sung by Drag Race alumni. Other queens bursting into song on the record include Sharon Needles, Katya, and Bob the Drag Queen.

Visage makes a standout appearance, however, owing to her sultry rendition of the holiday classic “Silent Night.” She’s even put out a video for the song featuring her husband and two children.

Fans of Drag Race might raise an eyebrow at Visage’s polished vocals. Still, they’d do well to note that Visage began her career as a member of the pop group Seduction, the 90’s songsters responsible for dance classics like “Two to Make it Right.” It appears that in the years between Seduction’s dissolution and Drag Race, Visage has kept her vocals in shape.

We’re pretty sure when she sings the lyric “round yon virgin,” she is not referring to anyone on the show.

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