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Bob the Drag Queen’s new naughty Christmas song will make your bells jingle

Just how many alter egos does one person need?

Bob the Drag Queen, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season eight (real name Christopher Caldwell)  just debuted his alter ego’s alter ego in a new music video for the holiday season.

Seriously, at what point do we just call this schizophrenia?

Bob’s new musical track, “Deck a Ho,” features his new alter ego named Hood Pussy (how, exactly, that name relates to the holiday season, we’re not sure) rapping alongside STRUT models, and features an appearance by fellow Drag Race alum Shangela.

The rap track channels the style of Nicki Minaj by way of popular Christmas carols, and finds some new ways to use “north pole” as a euphemism. It may or may not become a holiday classic, but “Deck a Ho” certainly deserves a listen just for curiosity’s sake.

Oh, and the twink model/back up dancers are pretty cute too.

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