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Ann Coulter goes nihilistic over Marco Rubio’s tax break & the internet is here for it

File under: Are straight people okay?

Conservative flapping head Ann Coulter has taken to Twitter to both condemn Sen. Marco Rubio, and let us in on the depressing state of her reality.

Coulter is upset at Rubio for pushing a child tax credit increase in the Republican tax bill. She claimed in a weepy tweet amounted to subsidizing “happy families.”

Twitter reacted as Twitter tends to, rolling around in the joy of the Schadenfreude.

He threatened to not back the bill unless the change was made, and now that it has been, he is back onboard. Families who owe no federal income taxes will now be able to still claim up to $1,400 of the $2,000 child tax credit, up from $1,100 in the original version, reports The New York Times.

Ann, honey, you’re doing freedom from parental responsibilities all wrong if you think it has to be a bum trip.

Maybe it’s not being childless that’s to blame for your sadness. Maybe it’s just the inevitable result of living a selfish, cold existence, and there are incentives galore for that in the new tax bill. Merry Christmas.

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