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The gay couple arrested for mooning a Buddhist temple have been released

The gay couple that was arrested for posting a photo of their butts in front of a Buddhist temple in Thailand has been released.

Travis and Joseph Dasilva have an Instagram account called “Traveling Butts” where they post pictures of their bare butts in front of famous landmarks.

The Dasilvas were arrested at the airport as they were leaving Thailand two weeks ago when police found a picture of them in front of the Temple of the Dawn, a Buddhist temple that the Thai government called “respected” in a statement.

They could have received a jail sentence of several years, but they were released after being held for several days. A court threw out the charges of public nudity at a religious site and they were processed for deportation.

“They wanted me to thank everyone for their thoughts prayers and concerns,” Robert Rodriguez, a close friend of the couple, told San Diego Gay & Lesbian News. “They send all their love to their friends that have supported them.”

Once they got home, they put a very unsatisfying apology on their Instagram account.

The offending picture is also back up, just to show that they didn’t learn anything from the experience about respecting other cultures.

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