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Are they about to reboot Fran Drescher’s ‘The Nanny’ too?

It’s been 18 years since The Nanny went off the air, but with the classic sitcoms Will & Grace and Roseanne getting reboots, is there a chance we’ll soon be treated to star Fran Drescher’s nasal laugh once again? According to her, she’s open to the idea.

“As far as a reboot goes, I would be open to it if somebody wanted to do it,” she told Closer Weekly. “But if nobody wants to do it, then I’m currently trying to develop something else.”

Drescher, now 60, says she is still close to her former co-stars and thinks they would be agreeable to reuniting.

“I am in touch, definitely,” explained the actor. “Renee Taylor (Sylvia Fine) is a good friend of mine, Charlie [Shaughnessy] (Maxwell Sheffield) is a good friend of mine. Recently I reconnected with Nicholle Tom (Maggie Sheffield), and periodically I speak to everyone, but I’m very good friends with Charlie and Renee, for sure.”

So there’s no Nanny reboot officially in the works yet, but it sounds like there’s some interest.

What classic sitcom would you like to see get revived?

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