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Virginia’s ‘homophobe-in-chief’ got burned by his sister after his election loss

Bob Marshall lost his reelection bid to Danica Roem in Virginia, making her the first openly transgender lawmaker in the state, and the first openly trans state representative in the country.

Roem made headlines of course for her win, but also for her response when asked how it felt to defeat a man who misgendered her, refused to debate her, and put forward a transphobic bathroom bill.

“Starting next year, Delegate Marshall will be one of my constituents, and I’m not going to attack my own constituents,” Roem told Lawrence O’Donnell.

I believe that’s what you call a classy burn.

Now, Marshall’s sisters, actress Paula Marshall Nucci, is getting in on the act.

“He wouldn’t debate her, he wouldn’t call her “her” or “she,” Marshall Nucci noted on Facebook. “Maybe if he weren’t so judgmental and homophobic, he could have lost with dignity. I’m not happy my brother lost his job, but all I can say is, karma brother.”

Wow. That has to sting.

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