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Portia de Rossi accuses Steven Seagal of sexual harassment

Portia de Rossi is the latest actress to allege that a powerful Hollywood mogul sexually harassed her. In a tweet sent yesterday, de Rossi, who is married to Ellen DeGeneres, said that Steven Seagal exposed himself to her during an audition.

De Rossi is not the first to accuse Seagal of inappropriate behavior. In 2010 his former assistant sued him for sexual harassment and human trafficking. Her complaint said that Seagal has an “unique physiological reaction to sexual arousal,” but refused to disclose what it was so that other accusers be verified by their knowledge of his quirk.

Dozens of women and men have come forward recently with allegations of sexual assault or harassment.

Jeffrey Tambor, Charlie Sheen, Kevin Spacey, Ben Affleck, Brett Ratner, Bryan Singer, Harvey Weinstein, James Toback, Oliver Stone, Dustin Hoffman, and the Reverend Jesse Jackson have all been accused.

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