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What happened when the Liberal Redneck paid a visit to a gay nudist camp?

Trey Crowder, better known as the Liberal Redneck, has had a surge in popularity following his viral video castigating North Carolina for its bathroom bill meant to discriminate against transgender people. So he’s obviously comfortable with the LGBT community.

But what happens when Crowder and his “fellow redneck comedians” Corey Ryan Forrester and Drew Morgan get a gig performing at “The Gathering?” The event is a gay nudist affair but when the three were told it was a “naturist gathering,” they incorrectly assumed it was a group of conservationists.

Instead of giving conservatives an earful, the three definitely got an eyeful. But as the camera rolled, they slowly loosened up and started to, ahem, enjoy themselves.

Watch the Funny or Die segment below, but be prepared to laugh out loud.

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