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How Ellen predicts World Series winner: the hunk with the most cash in his pants

Even if you don’t follow baseball or sports in general, Ellen DeGeneres introduced a way for all of us to have some skin in the game.

On her show Tuesday, Ellen sent two shirtless hunks into her studio audience — one dressed in the ballcap and uniform pants of the Chicago Cubs, the other wearing those belonging to the Cleveland Indians — for what she called a foolproof predictor of the winner of the World Series, now underway.

The result was Magic Mike meets Major Leagues and the women in the audience went wild, stuffing their dollar bills into the pants of the barechested dancers as they twerked, gyrated and even swept some of the ladies off the floor.

Watch the clip below, and note that Ellen did not reveal which man scored the most cash, but as will become clear, the old little league saying came into play: “If you had fun, you won!”

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