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Another North Carolina Republican calls for repeal of anti-LGBT law he voted for

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina Republican legislator seeking re-election has told voters he wants the repeal of a controversial law he voted for previously that limits LGBT protections.

A campaign mailer from Rep. Chris Malone of Raleigh says House Bill 2 is “costing Wake County and North Carolina too much” and he supports adding anti-discrimination language to state law. He said Wednesday he decided last month that there already are many existing laws to stop inappropriate bathroom behaviors, and that House Bill 2 was a distraction.

Democratic opponent Terence Everitt’s campaign called Malone’s switch a political calculation. Several GOP legislators have called for repeal.

The mailer says the state Republican Party paid for it. GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse says Malone’s campaign designed the ad and that GOP members have diverse views.

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