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These ‘gay lions’ aren’t just having sex, they’re giving each other cat kisses

Two wild lions were busted getting busy in Kenya’s Masai Mara wildlife preserve, but what happened after the dominant male was finished was unexpected.

Guide and wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein documented the encounter between two “impressive alpha males” and says the entire courtship and cuddles was sweet and rare. He says the two were standing together when things took a twist.

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“Sometimes you just see something that takes your breath away. I was guiding in the Masai Mara recently and we saw two impressive alpha males in perfect light,” Goldstein told the Daily Mail. “After a while they stood together, in perfect symmetry. What then happened was remarkable.”

As the two were mating, the dominant lion laid his head on the other one and was obviously enjoying himself.

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Scientists report that approximately 8% of lion sex they’ve observed (can you imagine having that job?!) has been between males.

If you want to check out that male-on-male action, click through to the Daily Mail article for the photos.


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