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These ‘gender-neutral dog walking’ posters ended up in the trash where they belong

Posters claiming to offer “gender-neutral dog walking, for all your gender-fluid canines” have appeared, and just as quickly disappeared, from the streets of London.

Twitter user @sarcastathon shared a photo of the poster, asking people to throw them in the garbage. They claimed to provide “total acceptance,” with “discreet, non-judgy walkers” who will walk all non-binary dogs in “100% safe spaces.”

She said she went out and made sure any she saw were placed where they belong: The trash.

The poster identified the creator by Instagram handle: @themisfortuneteller, whose projects have a tendency toward pranks and street art.

PinkNews identifies him as artist Liam Gibson, saying he claimed responsibility with a post of the flier and the words, “Latest mischief.”

That post, which appears to have since been deleted, reportedly drew lots of criticism, with one commenter asking, “‘Mischief’ or ongoing work to perpetuate culture where people get bullied & suicide/self harm levels are multiple times national average?”

Anti-LGBT posters encouraging gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans people to commit suicide have showed up in America, in Houston and Cleveland.

Anti-LGBT posters have also appeared in major cities in Australia, as the country debates marriage equality and holds a postal survey on the topic.

There is an uncommon happy ending in this particular tale of awfulness, however.

Gibson appears to have come to the understanding that his joke was a fail, with potentially serious consequences. He has apologized and taken it upon himself to join the efforts to remove his handiwork.

He apologized for any offense or hurt he caused “to anyone who felt disrespected or marginalized by the poster.”

“They’ll all soon be actual garbage,” he added.


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