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Dolly Parton speaks out for marriage equality in Australia

Singer and songwriter Dolly Parton was on ABC News Breakfast in Australia to promote her new album and she was asked for her view on LGBT rights because Australia is currently in the midst of a national, non-binding referendum on marriage equality.

She responded, “Hey, I think love is love and we have no control over that.”

“I always make a joke about ‘Why can’t they marry? Why can’t they be as miserable as us heterosexuals in their marriages?'”

She went on to say that her position is that people shouldn’t judge others. “I’m not God. You know, I believe in God. I think God is the judge, I don’t judge or criticize and I don’t think we’re supposed to.”

Parton has long spoken out in favor of LGBT equality, and last year on Larry King Live she talked about the pushback she gets from conservative fans because of her supportive stance.

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