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Elderly gay widower may lose his home of 55 years in fight with late lover’s kin

When Bill Cornwell died two years ago at the age of 88, he left a will declaring all his worldly possessions should go to his partner of five decades, Tom Daley — including a very valuable piece of Manhattan real estate that they called home.

The problem is, Cornwell only had one witness sign the will, not two, which in New York State makes it invalid, and worthless. And relatives of Cornwell are reportedly taking full advantage of that fact.

As The New York Times reported, several of his nephews and nieces have claimed the three-story, four-unit Horatio Street brownstone as their inheritance. They’ve listed it for sale north of $7 million and it’s currently under contract.

Lest they be seen as totally heartless, DeMaio and the other relatives have stipulated that Daley must be allowed to remain in his one bedroom unit for $10 a month for five years, and will be given a share of the sale amounting to $250,000.

Daley rejected the offer, The Times reported, stating “there should be no question” about who is legally entitled to the property. But attorney Peter Gray, who represents the would-have-been in-laws, dismissed his claim and cruelly noted to the newspaper that it’s pointless, “given the likelihood that he has few remaining years” left. Ouch.

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