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51 people arrested at a gay spa in Indonesia

Police in Jakarta arrested 51 people caught in a raid of a gay sauna Friday night.

Most of the people were released on Saturday, but five employees – four men and one woman – are still being held. The police have also put one suspect who ran away on the wanted list.

Gay sex is legal in most parts of Indonesia, but police say they are pursuing charges against the five employees under the 2008 Law on Pornography. The law punishes the dissemination of pornography with up to six years in prison, and it defines any depiction of homosexuality as pornographic.

Others may be charged with prostitution.

Police spokesperson Argo Yuwono said that customers received condoms with their entry fee and that sex toys were confiscated as evidence.

Seven foreign nationals were arrested in the raid, and Yuwono said that they would not face charges.

According to Human Rights Watch, this is the fifth anti-gay raid on private property this year in Indonesia.

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