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This dog almost got kicked for wearing a marriage equality bandana

Herald Sun columnist Claire Sutherland’s dog Mack got a taste of what it’s like to be a gay human.

Mack was at a park this week in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, wearing a bandana that said “Equality” on top of a rainbow-colored image of Australia. Dogs don’t have to be on a leash at this park, and the dog’s walker was nearby.

The dog was running around and approached a man who was sitting alone. According to Sutherland, Mack didn’t “rush him or jump on him,” but the man stood up and did a “fresh air kick” towards the dog.

He then went to the walker and shouted anti-gay slurs at her, including “perverted fucking poofter,” and made comments about the nonbinding referendum currently underway in Australia on marriage equality.

Every time I’ve written about some of the terrible behavior of anti-equality campaigners in Australia, I have been reminded of the pundits and politicians who pushed for the referendum and said that there would be a civil debate, despite warnings from LGBT organizations that a referendum would bring out an ugly element in the country.

Sutherland wrote that she was one of those pundits. “Like Pollyanna, I honestly thought we could have a respectful debate on this issue — perhaps because I am straight, and have never been the subject of prejudice or abuse,” she wrote.

But since support for equal rights for LGBT people is a proxy for acceptance of LGBT people, the most obvious tactic for the No campaign is to spread hatred of LGBT people.

It might be shocking, but it isn’t surprising that a man living in a country where a significant part of the population is being inundated with extremely homophobic messages would turn to violence to make a point about how much he hates gay people.

But even I didn’t expect people to take out their homophobia on dogs.

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