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How you can help LGBT hurricane victims in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is reeling from the massive destruction brought by Hurricane Maria, but you can help.

Ricky Martin has launched a crowdfunding relief effort, raising at time of writing nearly $1 million, but it is a general fund for all victims. Another option to help those affected, and one that provides relief specifically to the LGBT community, comes courtesy of CenterLink.

CenterLink, the national association of LGBT community centers, has been in contact with Centro Comunitario LGBTT de Puerto Rico, to determine what help is needed and how best to provide assistance.

It has set up a fundraising page for those wishing to donate.

“Along with helping to purchase batteries, flashlights, a generator for the Center, non-perishable food, and other hard-to-come-by essentials for community members, funds will also go to assist those least likely to receive assistance from post-storm recovery efforts – the LGBT community,” CenterLink said in a statement.

People who wish to send needed items directly, including batteries, flashlights, toothbrushes, garbage bags, and non-perishable food items, can send small packages to:

Centro Comunitario LGBTT de Puerto Rico Attn: Cecilia La Luz P.O. Box 9501 San Juan, PR 00908

Amazon will also deliver to a post office box and the postal service is up and running in San Juan.

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