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Which religious right leader had gay erotic art hanging above his fireplace?

When journalist John Aravosis stopped by an estate sale in Washington DC, he was shocked to find an explicit gay erotic painting hanging in the living room. But when he found out who the now-deceased owner was, he was blown away.

The “Matisse-like” painting features three men having anal sex. Hanging in the home of Lee LaHaye, the former Chief Financial Officer for the virulently anti-LGBT organization Concerned Women for America, the painting was not for sale.

LaHaye was the youngest son of the organization’s founder and chair, Beverly LaHaye, and Timothy LaHaye, the author of the apocalyptic Christian horror Left Behind books.

LaHaye’s husband, a 30-something man he met and married last year, was at the home during the sale. Sadly, he never came out publicly and never

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