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Watch this drag queen slay ‘The Voice’ judges

When Chris Weaver took the stage for a blind audition on The Voice, the judges had no idea what he was about to unleash. Weaver, who performs in New York as Nedra Belle, took the judges by storm as he let loose with a soulful rendition of “Try A Little Tenderness.”

All four judges turned their chairs around for Weaver quickly and the back-and-forth between them as the cajoled the singer to pick them as mentors got fierce with Jennifer Hudson throwing a shoe as a sign of respect. When he reveals that he’s a gospel singer and a drag queen, all four judges went nuts.

“You are the first person that has ever auditioned that is giving us an opportunity not the other way around. You are a phenomenal singer, but you are even more special than that to me,” Adam Levine told Weaver.

After you watch his audition gone viral, you’ll agree. Weaver is very personification of “special” and “phenomenal.”

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