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Two students were kicked off the school bus for being transgender

This Wednesday, a school bus driver in upstate New York kicked two transgender students off because they refused to change seats.

According to a statement released by the administration of Glen Falls High School, the bus driver asked girls to sit on one side of the bus and boys on the other.

Two trans boys sat on the boys’ side, like they were told to. The driver asked them to move to the girls’ side.

“The students politely refused and remained in their seats, with every right to do so,” the school’s statement said.

The driver told them that they could either switch sides or get off the bus. Other students objected, but the driver made the students get out while the bus was still parked outside the school.

The students informed the administration via text message and were able to take another bus home.

The school says that it is “working with the driver.”

“We do not tolerate any form of discrimination against our students,” Michael Patton, the superintendent of Glen Falls schools, said.

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