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This teen was attacked when he confronted a homophobe in the street

A 19-year-old man says that he was punched in the face when he confronted a homophobe tearing down rainbow flags last Tuesday.

The man, identified as former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd’s godson Sean, said that he was attacked at a bus stop on Oxford Street, Bulimba, a suburb of Brisbane. He saw someone tearing down rainbow flags, and he confronted the person.

The Facebook page of Bulimba 4 Marriage Equality said that Sean confronted the man, who was yelling, “I hate fucking faggots.” Sean responded, “That’s OK, I don’t like you.”

The man asked Sean, “did you just call me a homophobe?” and Sean said yes.

The unidentified man then punched Sean.

Rudd posted a picture of Sean to Instagram, calling out the national, non-binding postal referendum on marriage equality for inciting homophobia.

Rudd’s wife tweeted that a bus driver stopped and gave Sean first aid.

Queensland Police confirmed that there was an assault in Bulimba on a 19-year-old.

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