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3 trends you should know to help you to survive & thrive in the workplace

Progress toward workplace equality has been bumpy. By the close of 2016, 20 states plus the District of Columbia banned discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment. That’s a lot better than a few decades ago when there were, well, none.(Wisconsin was the first in 1982.)

But it also means a lot of employers are still free to fire or refuse to promote workers based on prejudice rather than performance.

The good news is that from small companies to huge multinational corporations, there’s widespread recognition that a racially diverse, LGBT-friendly workplace is not just the right thing but actually good for business. Studies indicate that the more diverse the workplace, the more productive and successful the company tends to be. Since we span racial, ethnic and gender identities, there is opportunity to make a difference and get ahead.

Here are three trends you should know to get ahead in your workplace:

1. Upgrade to networking more efficiently

Traditional networking can be drudgery–awkward and tedious. Thankfully it is the 21st century and technology is helping to change that. Networking app Shapr is making meeting new professionals fun, easy and efficient.

The free app is simple to use, just download Shapr to your phone and setup a profile. You can include ten professional #interests such as #marketing or #law which lets the app’s algorithm suggest the perfect nearby professionals who are up for a cup of coffee. You can even get prioritized introductions to other queer and out professionals by adding the interest tag #LGBTonShapr to your profile.

The app makes it so easy that you can network while on the go, in your pajamas, or sipping cocktails while bingeing on Netflix. Shapr also makes it easy to find new people, set up a call or meeting, and move on with your day. It is an easy way for people of any orientation to make valuable contacts and get in the door at interesting companies.

2. Build a supportive network that will always be there for you

High rates of discrimination still exist. Between 15% to 43% of LGBT workers have experienced being fired, denied promotions or harassed and 21% report being treated unfairly by an employer in hiring, pay or promotions. Jobs and opportunities are sometimes influx but you can build a solid network of professionals that will always be around to help overcome the next big challenge.

Finding people who support to your goals and dreams can make a world of difference. That is part of the reason Shapr’s platform is changing the game. Learning from who you match with, combined with your points of interest, the app can help you start meeting the right people pretty quickly. As you travel through your career, get promoted, change jobs, move departments, or jump industries, you can always count on a solid professional network to support you.

Making the right connections can make all of the difference. “I could tell within two minutes of meeting him that we were going to work together and have a lifelong partnership,” Jason said. Meeting new people and building a strong network can make help you overcome discrimination and find opportunities you didn’t know existed.

3. Taking the lead in your organization

 As queer, transgender, and non-binary gender influenced people increasingly assert themselves in the workplace, company policies on everything from bathrooms to dress codes are changing or being eliminated altogether to accommodate modern notions of gender, sexual identity, race and even religion. You can help make sure your company is reflecting this progress.

Because of identities forged outside mainstream definitions, LGBTs traditionally excel in skill areas that are in high demand right now: The fastest growing professions today are ones that require creativity, flexibility and people skills, including networking of course. “I thought networking was most important for people in other fields, financial fields, or business,” says Ari. “I didn’t think it applied to people in the creative field.”

The hiring process is not an easy task to navigate but a crucial one when you are supporting a promoting a progressive business culture. Having a “data base” of people you know can be key in finding the perfect person that help your company progress. As of today, 80% of open positions are not advertised and rely solely on referrals to find key candidates. Asking those you trust personally and professionally can lead you to the right person.

From knowing your rights to using Shapr to network more efficiently, these are just a few of the ways you can stand out in your field and make sure you promoting a progressive workplace.

Be sure to take the lead and download Shapr to start making new connections in your field.

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